Riverfall, poetry by Simmons B. Buntin


Riverfall, by Simmons B. Buntin. I said, I cannot follow the river / of her myth; but I can / follow her sweet desert song / like a stream through the fiery hills.

Simmons B. Buntin's first book of poetry is Riverfall, a collection of work that sometimes slides knowingly around slow bends and other times rushes without caution down the deep and narrow ravine. Always it explores our relationship to the environment, whether the urban structures of our own making, pastoral settings on the metropolitan fringe, or the light and dark edges of our vanishing wilderness—and our own psyche.

Riverfall includes 32 poems written over the past fifteen years. Yet the work—its words and subjects and insights—are timeless. From our beginning in water to our end in premeditated light, our lives are like the river. In Riverfall, we are submerged, then rejuvenated in the clarity of our new course.

A beautiful contribution to the conversation
on place and belonging in the natural world.

— Alison Hawthorne Deming

A bold collection embracing intriguing ideas
and finding new views on established themes.

— Books Ireland

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