Riverfall, poetry by Simmons B. Buntin

Poetry from Riverfall.

A Body of Water

Look, I said,
my mind is like a riverfall:
it crashes over boulders,
by smoothing silt,
ecstatic in the swirling
rhythm of itself.

My soul is like a shallow sea:
silent above clear undertow,
sings fury
in the tempest’s reign,
impassive in the shifting
current of the storm.

My breath is like a tidal pool:
it washes in from farther seas,
creates shoreline with
diurnal moon,
hypnotic in the respiring
motion of a wave.

Look, I said—
to the glorious waterfall,
cautionless to the reality
of gravity,

to the reflective island bay,
shelterless to the seasonal course
of nature’s force,

to the random salt lagoon,
voiceless to the constant call
of lunar pull—

I apologize.

Salmon Poetry.